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Amidst these and other characters, Monica will find herself visiting many different worlds, facing situations that are frightening, hilarious, interesting, and sometimes all three. Some future adventures will include:
  • Quella gives Monica a false tip on where she might find information on Earth and then tampers with Monica's spaceship, causing her to crash on a savage jungle world. Here she finds herself having to be a female Tarzan, facing many dangers before finally being rescued.
  • In a more lighthearted adventure, Monica begins to suspect that the Emperor's spies are operating out of an intergalactic shopping mall, but no one believes her. She continues her investigations, aided by Woody, eventually uncovering a plot by Vushka to control people's minds through shopping and fashion. Almost more through her mistakes than by planning, Monica folis this scheme and exposes the spies.

  • When a mysterious group of raiders begins preying upon outposts of both the Federation and the Empire, Marus, Monica, and Woody are sent to investigate. Forced to battle a common enemy, Monica finds herself fighting side-by-side with Vushka. Who are the Black Raiders? And who is the mysterious woman leading them, who invites Monica and Vushka to join her? And how long will it take for Vushka to betray Monica?
  • When Woody mysteriously disappears, Monica disregards orders and goes in search of her kidnapped pal. Tracing him to the Emperor's private zoo, Monica finds she's fallen into Varnex's trap. He again attempts to woo her, but after spurning him, Monica is thrown into a dungeon. Vushka, to make things worse, takes Monica's translator and puts a horrible monster in her cell. Monica tries to fight off this slimy apparition, but eventually it overwhelms her. But wait! What's this? It has a translator and is only trying to pass it to her. Now understanding by passing the translator back and forth, Monica finds that despite what he looks like, the alien creature is a kind person. Joining forces, Monica and the alien trick the guards, escape, free the other zoo prisoners, including Woody, blow up part of the Emperor's palace (again!), and flee, eventually returning all the creatures to their homes or to where they can get home. Monica returns to the base and is congratulated on her success, but, on the suggestion of Quella, is put to work mopping the floor because she disobeyed orders.

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