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The Story of a Girl Lost in Outer-Space

What a rotten night for Monica Moon!

The guy she likes, also a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, invites her to a party a few miles out of town but soon ditches her, leaving her stranded with a dead cell phone and forced to walk home in her dress and heels.

So she walks... and walks.... How could things get any worse?!

Well, you could be abducted by aliens as you walk down a lonely country road, thus beginning the intergalactic adventures of a girl lost in outer space.

Monica is an average earthgirl, with maybe a bit more spunk than is typical, who now finds herself separated from the family, friends, and world she knows. So how does a 5-foot, 2-inches, 19-year-old college-sophomore who's never been out of the country and is thrust into a new and frightening reality eventually find herself an interstellar adventurer and champion?

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