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Suddenly finding herself transported into a spaceship by aliens who really are little, green men, a terrified Monica Moon is taken to the far reaches of outer space. Locked in a cell and fearing she's doomed, the ship is suddenly rocked by explosions. Now very sure she's doomed, Monica waits for the end but soon has her cell door opened by what appear to be humans, led by the handsome Captain Marus Glaxion of the Planetary Federation, and is saved. Sort of. Throwing herself upon her rescuer and babbling her thanks, she eventually realizes she can't understand a word he's saying. Marus gives Monica a universal translator, and suddenly she can understand Marus and all the other aliens, including her defeated captors.

Thinking she's rescued, Monica is devastated to find that no one knows just where Earth is. Marus has never heard of it and the Zutons, her abductors, had their computers destroyed in the battle and can't be expected to remember every little planet they visit or where every insignificant specimen was picked up. So for now she's stuck in space with no way of finding her way home. And what a weird space it is, like something out of her grandfather's old movie serials: the rockets have fins, the people wear bubble helmets and jet packs, blinking gizmos everywhere. Of all the freed captives, only Monica and one small, fuzzy creature are left unidentified.

Even worse for the other creature, his is the first language that the translator won't work on, so the Federation troops decide he must not be intelligent. Monica sees another lost and lonely creature like herself and, identifying with this homeless alien, Monica makes him a pet of sorts, and, in time, becomes the only one who can understand him. She names him Woody because he sounds like Woodstock from the Charlie Brown cartoons. She's taken back to the main base of the Planetary Federation, who are fighting against the evil Emperor of Space, Varnex.

Before she can begin to adapt to this new life, Varnex' forces attack, and Monica and Woody, wanting to see what happens, sneak aboard Marus' spaceship and are whisked away into an all-out space war. During the terrible battle their ship is hit, and Marus is injured, leaving Monica to try to land the hurtling spaceship... on the Emperor's homeworld! Good thing she learned how to do this kind of thing by playing video games! All three jetpack out of the crushed ship but are soon captured and brought before Emperor Varnex. Marus is sent to the radioactive mines, but Monica, unfortunately catching the Emperor's eye, is sent to his harem, along with Woody. But Monica won't stand long for this, breaks free, and sneaks and fights her way through the palace to rescue Marus, as he is her only chance of escape... and he is gorgeous, to boot. She rescues Marus and the other slaves, and, before stealing a spaceship, jams up the Emperor's mine machinery, leading to an explosion that destroys the Emperor's palace and more just as they take off.

© Andrew Pepoy 2005. All rights reserved.
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