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Monica Moon - page 3

Once back to the Planetary Federation, Monica is hailed as a hero. The General, seeing Monica's resourcefulness, makes her a special cadet in the service of Marus, at least until someone figures out where Earth is. Marus, though a great and confident soldier and hero of the people, turns out to be all thumbs around women and is confused by this. Monica is, of course, thrilled at this chance to be with Marus. As the story closes we see Monica in her new uniform, accompanied by Woody, and ready to begin her new duties. She is sad and a little lonely, missing Earth, but is proud of what's she's done and how she is managing, looking forward to an adventure no other Earth girl has had.

As the series progresses we'll see Monica, along with Woody, doing her best to not only adapt to, but to excel, in this new life. There's high adventure, the search for earth, and the pursuit of Marus. Marus is a good teacher and can be fun to be with, but hint at romance and his composure is gone. Other characters in the series are:

  • Woody, another alien lost in space and Monica's companion in this predicament, brings a little comic relief. Monica can expound to him, revealing her thoughts and moving the narration along. Also, as no one but Monica can understand him, not even the reader, Woody can say things that probably shouldn't be said but are hinted at by Monica's responses.
  • General Lonto Trex, a kindly, older man, scarred from many battles. He is a great planner and leader, determined to win freedom for all the planets while keeping up the morale of his troops.
  • Quella, the spoiled daughter of the Planetary Federation's great leader, General Lonto Trex, who abuses her position to get her way with all around, demanding privileges and favors. She is also out to snare Marus and takes a special pleasure in making Monica's life difficult.
  • Varnex, the Emperor of Space, leader of the Stellar Empire, is a tyrant ruling over the many planets he's conquered and continues to win out over more. However, he's petty enough to focus on his own selfish pursuits, such as his sudden fixation with Monica.
  • Vushka, the Princess of Space, daughter of the Emperor, having once captured Marus, continues to want him as her prince, by any means necessary, even thought Marus has refused her. Monica's attention to Marus, as well as her cadet assignment to him, makes her Vushka's special target.

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