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2015 Convention Schedule

A bigger news update coming soon, but I wanted to get my 2015 convention schedule up. If you are at any of these shows, please stop by and see me. Things may come up to prevent me from getting to a con or others may be added, so please check back here or check the Con's site closer to the date. And follow my Facebook page for updates.

Emerald City Comic-Con
Seattle, WA
March 27-29

Chicago, IL
April 24-26

Heroes Con
Charlotte, NC
June 19-21

Comic-Con International
San Diego, CA
July 8-12

Baltimore Comic-Con
Baltimore, MD
September 25-27

Grand Rapids Comic-Con
Grand Rapids, MI
October 16-18

Fantasticon Mt. Clemons
Mt. Clemons, MI
November 7-8

2014 Convention Schedule
(please scroll further down for the latest news)

Below are the conventions I plan to be at in 2014. Things may happen to prevent me from being at one of these, or I may add a convention, and I'll update the list as I know these things. Please "like" my Facebook fanpage or follow me on Twitter for last minute changes, table locations, panel schedules, and more.

Indiana Comic-Con
Indianapolis, IN
March 14-16

Emerald City Comic-Con
Seattle, WA
March 28-30

C2E2 (aka Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo)
Chicago, IL
April 25-27

Spring Con
St. Paul, MN
May 17 and 18

Internationaler Comic-Salon Erlangen
Erlangen, Germany
June 19-22

* I will be doing a short signing tour in Germany just before this convention:
June 16: Frankfort - T3 Terminal Entertainment from 3.30 to 6 pm
June 17: Hannover - Comix from 4 to 6:30pm

Comic-Con International
San Diego, CA
July 23-27

Baltimore Comic-Con
Baltimore, MD
September 5-7

Grand Rapids Comic-Con
Grand Rapids, MI
November 21-23

March 4, 2014

Update time! After some time on hiatus due to other work and personal commitments, my webstrip, The Adventures of Simone & Ajax, returns to a bi-weekly schedule (I hope!) on March 11.

   image © Andrew Pepoy

Their latest tale, "Tremblin' Tumbleweeds," is a saga of the sagebrush (aka The Old West). Check it out at And you can still catch up on all the earlier pages of this story, as well as the entire previous story. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

And if you still haven't bought a copy of The Adventures of Simone & Ajax book, collecting some of their earlier adventures in color, you should soon, as this edition will soon be going out-of-print. Please see earlier news updates for the various ways you can order this book.

I've also been drawing variant covers, available exclusively at comics shops, for Afterlife With Archie, Archie Comics' take on zombies in Riverdale.

My cover for #1 was featured in Entertainment Weekly and was voted by the staff and readers of First Comics News, a comics news site, as the best comic book cover of 2013.

I've also drawn variant covers for issues 5-8.

I drew a bookplate for the upcoming Nelvana of the Northern Lights book, collecting the adventures of Canada's greatest superhero of the 1940's. I'm a big fan of Nelvana, so I hope you'll check out this project.

Simone and Ajax Xmas page
   image © Andrew Pepoy

Inking-wise, I've been keeping very busy. I'm continuing to work on many issues of both The Simpsons and Futurama for Bongo Comics, as well many of the One-Shot Wonder specials, such as Milhouse, Professor Frink, Lisa, and Duffman. At DC/Vertigo, I continue to ink the Fables-related comics, various issues of Fables itself and Fairest, as well as helping out on a couple issues of Dead Boy Detectives. And at Joe's Comics, through Image Comics, I'm inking part of, if not all of, each issue of Protectors Inc., starting with #2.

New things are always coming up, so for the latest news, as well as previews of new work and more, please "like" my Facebook fanpage or follow me on Twitter.