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The Adventures of Simone & Ajax - now online

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The Adventures of Simone and Ajax has joined the line of comics that will be appearing at ComicMix online.

ComicMix Online [link]

Please check their site out for more info on the whole line, but for your convenience here are direct links to all the Simone & Ajax comics on ComicMix:

Click here to go directly to all the chapters of "A Christmas Caper".

Click here for all the classic black-and-white stories leading up to the first of the new, color comics.

Click here to go directly to all the chapters of "The Case of the Maltese Duck."

Special Announcement: Available in January 2010 is The Adventures of Simone & Ajax, the first book collection of all the new color Simone & Ajax comics. It collects all the recent color stories, "Simone, Queen of the Jungle," "The Case of the Maltese Duck", and "A Christmas Caper", plus a new cover, rare S&A art extras, and an intro by Mark Schultz. For the latest updates on it, please visit the news page at or please check it out at, where you can order it today.

Please click on any of the thumbnails below for a larger image of these new Simone & Ajax pages.

Simone and Ajax cover image: "Simone Queen of the Jungle"
   image © Andrew Pepoy
Simone and Ajax cover image: "Case of the Maltese Duck"
   image © Andrew Pepoy
Simone and Ajax cover image: "Case of the Maltese Duck"
   image © Andrew Pepoy

Each day ComicMix will be adding new comics to the site, each of the features being updated weekly or bi-weekly. S&A's first run will wrap up in early July but will return Fall 2008. Please keep checking back here for news of the new comics and previews of new pages. Please add the S&A comics to your favorite sites list or even make the S&A comics page your homepage.

Best of all, its FREE! No memberships or even a sign-up. Just free comics all the time, so as someone who had enough interest in S&A to visit this site I hope you'll check out the new comics. And while it's free for you, just by clicking on each page of S&A comics at (and hopefully reading them while you're there), you're supporting S&A and the site. Please tell your friends about it. The more people checking out the pages, the better, so please visit often, weekly, daily, every few minutes even. Again, it's completely FREE!

And what will you find there? First are all the classic Simone & Ajax adventures in glorious black-&-white to get you up to speed. Maybe you read them before, but try 'em again I bet there are a few stories you missed.

After that are all-new S&A tales in, for the first time, full color! Jason Millet is the colorist, so now Ajax is green, the lemmings are yellowish, and Simone colorful in more than personality. See the images on this page for an idea what to expect. First up in the new stories is a two-parter, Simone, Queen of the Jungle, followed by the first feature-length S&A graphic novel, The Case of the Maltese Duck, serialized over 10 weeks.

After that? Planned to start Fall 2008 are 2 more new and full-color graphic novels, one a Holiday tale and the other a Pirate Adventure. There are many more S&A tales I'd like to tell, but you hold the fate of S&A in your hands.

If enough of you visit the S&A pages at the ComicMix site, the kind people there will keep S&A going, so please visit often, tell everyone you know, anyone you just happen to see, whatever it takes to get the word out.

Now you may be thinking, "But I don't like to read comics online" (though that will change once you see the nifty new way ComicMix has come up with) or "But I want a nicely printed Simone & Ajax book I can take anywhere." Well, ComicMix will quickly follow the online version with book versions that will be available at your local comics shop, bookstore, or online bookseller. So please read S&A online for free first and follow it up by adding it to your library.

I hope you'll enjoy the comics. I'll be glad to hear what you think of them. You can email me here. And while I'll eventually be overhauling this whole site, for now you can follow the link below to the series proposal to find out more about The Adventures of Simone & Ajax. For more on my other work, please check out the rest of

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